A new award.

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So even with all the opposition Australia’s Internet villain Stephen Conroy has announced he will proceed in his plans to gag the common man and introduce legislation just before next years election.

I am wondering about the timing of this, is it due to his belief that there will be no “Afterwards” due to him being stripped of his powers to stuff his Catholic socks down the throat of Australia, that the Labor Party will have their teeth pulled?

Out of currently 23848 people 96%  have cried freedom. Have voted NO to the filter.

There are other that think this is a bad idea, take for example former High Court judge Michael Kirby voicing his concern of it being just the “Thin edge of the wedge”

And lastly a Labor Party minister herself, Penny Sharpe. Who has in Parlament voiced her opinion that her colleague is taking Australia into a dark future and urged the Parlament to “consider taking a different direction”

To both Michael Kirby and Penny Sharpe, I am glad to award you both the DoF’s first Freedom Fighter Award.


Cry Freedom


Thoughts of being left for dead

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The zombies are thirsting for blood. The streets are teaming with them, thousands of the vile creatures, filling elevators, shambling down streets, milling aimlessly, clogging freeways, stinking up lounge rooms while they watch TV, sitting at computer screens with their hands twitching on the mouse with unblinking eyes and their thoughtless minds riddled with images of killing. BRAIIINSSSSS.

Or maybe there are just thousands of ordinary average Australians very peeved at Mr Michael Atkinson. Just another person in power that is imposing his own set of values upon every adult Australian citizen. Take a deep breath…anyone smell something…yeeeees that’s it…the sweet smell of POWER. Oh the aroma!

But doesn’t it STINK for everyone else.

Yes, most of you by now would guess I am talking about the ban on Left for Dead 2

Though I must say that under my own moral code (yes I do have one), I would not let any minor under the age of 15 see me play this game…except that I would like to state one thing, Mr Atkinson, I AM NO MINOR, and furthermore I would LIKE to play L4D2…but only when my kids are not around to see me beheading, dismembering and blowing up already the dead but very mobile corpses. See, I AM capable of making adult decisions by myself! And I would like to point out, SO ARE MILLIONS OF OTHER AUSTRALIANS.

Now as a mature adult I am sure that I and thousands of other Australians know the difference between shooting dead things in a game and shooting REAL LIVE PEOPLE!

Now why would I shoot dead people in a game? Because it’s FUN! You should try it sometime Mr Atkinson. Starts with F, ends with N has a U in the middle. Oh that’s right, your an OLD politician, I’m not sure FUN is in your vocabulary anymore. Well we don’t do the FUN like you used to do in your time, Mr Atkinson, we don’t roll hoops down streets using a stick as a guide, no horsey’s made of wood, no slingshots, no fireworks,  nope we can’t even run around like mad nuts under sprinklers anymore…that’s illegal too.

But getting back to it, banning these games won’t stop people from shooting other people in real life, I really wish it would, but it wont. The violence in the streets are not caused by geeks sitting behind computer screens mashing their keyboards and mouses in a frenzy of zombie blazing glory. The violence is caused by drunk assholes tanked up on beer at 4am in the morning wanting to show how manly they are in front of their half-wit friends by glassing some poor sod, or by a group of cowardly bastards that jump some bloke that doesn’t stand a chance of defending himself.

Furthermore will banning these games stop the silent type killer that keeps to himself and hordes guns for the day he finally snap and go on a bloody rampage through usually quiet streets, sleepy towns or universities? I don’t think so Mr Atkinson.

You have to ask yourself, would a game make someone do these things or are they already one sandwich short of a picnic? My guess is people like that are missing a few more sandwiches than just one.

So…this is an attempt to stop those already a bit fragile from going off the rails. Too bad for the rest of us normals who can keep games and reality separate but are still punished for the wrongdoings of the extreme minority, niiice, except this is a bit like punishing the class for something one student did but won’t own up to.  Err, Mr Atkinson please…when we’re going to graduate?

Anyway, back to the man trying to save us from ourselves.

One man.

This man, this single entity, considers his values more important than mine or your freedom to decide as a mature adult what we can and can’t play, and has the power and audacity to enforce this opinion on EVERYONE in Australia.

Considering the amount of people that he is opposing, a total of 92.95%  in favor of making L4D2 available according to a poll posted here, which had a lot more votes until for some inexplicable reason the poll got RESET.  But don’t take my word for it, overclockers.com.au also saw that it was 92.95% against Atkinson before its plug was pulled (insert twilight zone music).

All this opposition to the decision or Refusing Classification for L4D2….and yet movies are passed with the description of…


Butt fu…ah okaay, pussy squarrr hmmm on second thought, if you want to read the description click on the link above and go read it. Oh but you say they are different media! Yes but you still wouldn’t want an under 18yr old seeing it and yet anyone 18+ can still watch it, even in front of their kids if they so morally depraved!

Really though for me it’s not whether or not I am allowed to play a game. It’s having the freedom of choice taken away from me with the attitude that I’m not old enough to play L4D2 or any game that has been refused classification. Don’t get me wrong, I agree there needs to be a limit. Games like Rapelay, which even the Japanese Government has admitted that the creators have just gone too far and have banned it! Yet another of my freedoms killed by the bloody fist of a bureaucrat.

And so, Mr Atkinson, for your severing of the head of Freedom, I would like to present this to you…

Freedom Killer Award


Cry Freedom

The Mind of an Internet Villain

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I have to wonder what goes on in the mind of the insidious Mr Conroy when he finds out he has the somewhat dubious honor of winning the UK Internet Industries Villain Award.

It can hardly be flattering. Especially seeing it is his own mother country (he moved out here when he was ten) that has labeled him an Internet Villain.

Does he take a deep breath? Possibly imagine himself in a tight fitting blue suit and matching red underwear and imagine himself saving mankind from themselves.

Maybe due to his Catholic upbringing it is his duty to save us from ourselves in such a dictatorial manner, but if that was the case, whatever happened with the separation of church from state?

Does he laugh and ignore the issue thinking it will go away? Probably.

Well I would bestow upon him my own award.  So Mr Conroy,  for your blatant thrusts into the guts of freedom, this is for you.



Cry Freedom

Cry Freedom!

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free – dom

[free-duh m]

Better men than I have pondered the breadth and meaning of such a powerful word.

Yet I find myself feeling sometimes that my freedom is being whittled away by the stewards of everyday living, the overlords of us all, our government.


A word that has underlying strength and imbues the common man with the will attain it, to fight for it and even to die for it.

Except we seem to be giving it away, little by little, in the name of safety, for all of our safety, or to coin a phrase “for the common good”.

Take for instance the current attempt at Internet Censorship. They are just now trying to introduce it in Australia, except it is happening worldwide. It is NOTHING new.


Now let me set the record straight. I AM NOT AGAINST INTERNET CENSORSHIP…within reason. By all means, find those rotten humans that propagate the filth and throw the book at them. All of them. Hunt them down to a man every last disgusting one of them and drive home that child pornography WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Hunt those who denigrates humanity and treat them as they treat others. That INCLUDES governments.

But in the pursuit of those that earn the ire of the Government, please do not punish the common man, for a Government that does so only punishes and damages itself and the society it governs. Do not filter the voice of the common man, the internet, as it can never be done 100% successfully anyway, due to there being numerous ways around any attempt to do so.

But what can be done is for the trash to be taken out. For the bench tops to be wiped clean. So our children can surf the internet without threat of being corrupted by the filth that prevails just under the surface. This can be achieved by forcing all the sex sites onto an XXX domain, making it easy for family filters to block. For the stream of filth to be plugged. Surely governments could put enough pressure on ICANN to achieve this. If any do not comply then strike them down. Rip them from the internet.

Or is there more involved in this filtering of the internet than is first surmised. The internet is humanities next medium of communication and our respective governments are having a hard time controlling the common mans usage of this medium as it has controlled all other mediums of communication. Ah, the key word. Control.

Yes I think that is the real issue. Control. You see they don’t want to just clean it up, they want to save us all from ourselves, from the hackers, from the sites offering MP3’s that our children download making criminals of them all, of sites that allow downloading of illegal movies.

Under the current justice system everyone that downloads a movie or an mp3 not from a legal source is a CRIMINAL. Yes that probably means YOU, or if not you then your son or your daughter. It definitely means most of the population of this earth.

Were not talking breaking the speed limit here. An average American lady Jammie Thoma-Rasset was fined $US1.92 million ($A2.4 million) in damages for illegally downloading 24 songs. To me that seems a bit excessive, even the recording industry admits this by accepting paltry sums from out of court settlements. That would mean each one that was downloaded is worth $A1 million each. Wouldn’t iTunes love that revenue…nay wouldn’t the ARTIST love that revenue. I mean those are some EXPENSIVE SONGS!

Except the whole sad sorry story doesn’t work that way. It’s a mess, completely and rottenly. it hit’s me in the guts.

My question is this. How many mp3’s do you or your son’s and daughters have in their portable music player? And do you consider that each song could be worth $A1 million in fines per song? Could you pay it if such a thing eventuates? I think not. So the whole system is preposterous and stupid.

Our copywright laws world wide need a REAL overhaul.

Again don’t get me wrong, I believe that the artist should be paid their due’s, BUT, they have not been paid their due by recording companies that claim to represent them for YEARS. And even through all the downloading of pirate movies and songs they STILL make a profit though they record a loss in possible revenue. Except the possible revenue would never would have been gained due to the pirates would never have bought the song/movie in the first place.

Do the powers that be not recognize also that the common man consider this laughable, that the system is wrong and needs to be fixed?

Last concept I would like to put up is.
Ok, so we have a government that is trying to protect us. But what is we choose wrong.
What if we vote in someone that doesn’t have our best interest in mind. What if we voted in a modern day Adolf Hitler. What would our world be lie if that happened. What would our world be like if Adolf Hitler had the power that our Government now commands…

But NOoooo I hear you say, we would NEVER do that!

Except even today, all across the world, we still have dictators and governments that violate basic human rights.

Yes I hope that we never vote in someone like him ever again. And I am sure the German common man never thought that something like that would happen, but it did.

We are only human.

Well that’s enough from me today. I will leave you with a quote from a favorite movie of mine called V for Vendetta…

“And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable. But again, truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic…”

You gave away your freedom.


Cry Freedom

A turn for the worse.

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“They say they’re fed up with restrictions imposed when (insert name) took power.”

“We want freedom of speech. When a professor expresses an opinion he shouldn’t be afraid of sanctioned, when a journalist writes, he shouldn’t be afraid of going to prison.”

This could be what the people of Australia could be protesting about, but it’s not. This is a quote from an Iranian news feed.

Unfortunately I can see this situation being our issue here. It seems the world is being suppressed, that there is a mad scramble to control what people do and think. if not from religious groups, then from the government which supposedly serves the people.

I feel dark days coming and I want to stop it. I don’t believe in anarchy as this system is self defeating. But I also don’t believe in a system that demands control.

To quote V – “People should not fear their Government’s. Governments should fear the people.”


Cry Freedom.

Our Friend Mr Conroy.

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Ah it seems he has even more surprises up his sleeve.

A spokesman for Senator Stephen Conroy said the ISP policy was just seeking to enforce current laws agreed by states and territories.

“The states and territories have not agreed to introduce an R18+ rating for computer games so, under existing laws, any game that exceeds an MA15+ rating is considered ‘Refused Classification’,” the spokesman said.

“The Government is interested in filtering RC material as identified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority complaints process.”

Well that will cover quite a few online games.

WoW, Guildwars, Quake Wars, Silk Road Online, Entropia Universe the list goes on.

Let me re-quote that…

“under existing laws, any game that exceeds an MA15+ rating is considered ‘Refused Classification”

So any game that has a policy of +15 or over will be black listed, blocked, banned.

Anything that the ACMA considers too violent, too risque or too close to gambling will be…gone.

Talk about control freaks. When did my age suddenly revert and return me to my pre-teens? That as an adult I am no longer allowed to play the games I once enjoyed because the Government decided that I wasn’t MATURE enough to play them anymore!

Like WHAT?!

Do we REALLY need to be sheltered from the world that much that we can no longer enjoy an online game that may be a bit violent or show a little lingerie style clothing?

Have we suddenly turned the clocks back where it was unseemly for a lady to show a little leg? Are we now going to have to swim in anke to neck swimmers?


Who put this dictator into power that he will so control our lives.

Who put this modern day Hitler in control of OUR digital resource?

Oh my…

The horror…

It was…



Cry Freedom

Source: http://www.news.com.au/

Adolf Conroy
Adolf Conroy


Cry Freedom