The delusional never consider that they are delusional,

Hon Michael Atkinson – “I assume the Gamers4Croydon campaign will involve criminal activities and dirty tricks, which is what I’ve come to expect from gamers,”

You heard it, the Hon Michael Atkinson believes that all gamers are involved in some sort of criminal activity. Let me cut this down. He believes all Gamers are criminals.

Furthermore, he also believes Gamers are not Civil – shows you how high and mighty
he considers himself. To him, we are all a bunch of savages.

Interesting point of view, but these statements definitely shows his opinion that we are some kind of lesser sub-species and that the Hon Mr Atkinson has a superiority complex.

I believe he has some deep emotional issues of which he should go see a psychiatrist.

Cry Freedom


2 Responses to “The delusional never consider that they are delusional,”

  1. This is truly insulting. Can nothing be done? This is SLANDER.

    • Cry Freedom Says:

      Insulting yes. Can anything be done about his general comments about a community, and arguably his own sons? Yes.

      What can be done is for awareness to be raised in his electorate to what this man is doing to not only the Game community but also what not having a R+18 rating for games means when/if the Governments Internet Filter is implemented.

      Poignant questions need to be asked when media is around that will show his complete disregard and utter biased opinion or people that do play games.

      Get informed about what his refusal to agree to a R+18 game classification means and the large holes in his arguments of why he refuses to even discuss with the other Governor Generals the possibility of such a classification.

      And lastly, don’t vote for him. Discourage everyone you know, via any means not to vote for him.
      Join discussion groups on the subject, whether via facebook, twitter or other social networking. Be heard. Discuss it with people and encourage them to read up on it and discuss it, even give them links to what you have found.


      Cry Freedom

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