EFA’s petition and another steps up…

Electronic Frontiers Australia has launched an ePetition to the Senate to stop Mr Conroys plan to filter our internet, sign it already!

And on the same subject, Lawyer, lecturer, blogger and geek (his words not mine) Peter Black has accepted the appointment from EFA as their new campaign manager against internet filtering.

This position is only for three months and will hopefully bring more cohesiveness to the various campaigns against the filter that is scattered around the net.

So without further ado, and for donning the shiny armor I present Peter Black with DoF’s Freedom Fighter Award.

Honorable mention is Senator Kate Lundy due to her speaking out against the proposed internet filter but is unfortunately not bestowed the Freedom Fighter Award due to her wussing out and stating she would support an opt-out plan. FAIL.

Kate, if you don the armor, great. But don’t walk out on the battlefield with a pool noodle *slaps forehead*


Cry Freedom


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