Thin edge of the wedge

I have pondered on this phrase that is currently being bandied about in reference to the censorship of our internet.

This is one of the questions in Whirlpool Forums 2009 Australian Broadband Survey (if you havn’t completed it you should) –

Also, what negative things do you think may result?
(leave blank if you don’t agree with any of these)
□ Reduce internet performance
□ Make the internet less reliable
Give parents a false sense of security
□ Increase the cost of internet access
□ May overblock / restrict access to legitimate information
A deployed system could be abused by future governments

The last question I have to say made me grin as much as my avatar does. What a pertinent question.

This foreboding has been echoed in a number of sites –

Crikey – ‘Do you trust politicians with such a mechanism?’

SMH – Retired High Court Justice Michael Kirby coined the phrase in relation to Conroys plans ‘it could stop the “Berlin Walls of the future” from being knocked down.’

Reporters Without Borders – Secretary-General Jean-François Julliard in an open letter to Rudd, all but saying “DON”T DO IT YOU IDIOTS!”

I will not think of the movie 1984, I will not think of…awww nuts!


Cry Freedom


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