Mr Conroys vision of our internet.

The other day I did a little experiment with Google Images search.

The first search I did was in for  ‘tiananmen square protest’ and as expected, images of a lone man standing in front or army tanks, and images of the massacre of Chinese civilians by it’s own Government were in the results.

Except do the same search in for ‘tiananmen square protest’ and the story shown through in a different light. A filtered light that does not show any protests, nor images of massacred civilians, no tanks with a man in front of them.

There is where Mr Conroy vision of the internet. Our internet. Our freedom of speech. Painted over by pictures parades and the pretty Beijing Olympics…oh but wait…do my eyes deceive me? Yes it seems currently the first result is of People’s Liberation Army (interesting name for a battalions about to crush the will of the people) tanks moving towards Chinese civilians protesting in Tiananmen  Square. For interest sake I have linked to an artical in wikipedia detailing what lengths a Government will go to to…ummm keep the peace. Please read it. I will leave you a picture of a Government trying to erase history.


Cry Freedom


2 Responses to “Mr Conroys vision of our internet.”

  1. That search result in google gives me the chills

  2. Cry Freedom Says:

    You and me both

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