A new award.

So even with all the opposition Australia’s Internet villain Stephen Conroy has announced he will proceed in his plans to gag the common man and introduce legislation just before next years election.

I am wondering about the timing of this, is it due to his belief that there will be no “Afterwards” due to him being stripped of his powers to stuff his Catholic socks down the throat of Australia, that the Labor Party will have their teeth pulled?

Out of currently 23848 people 96%  have cried freedom. Have voted NO to the filter.

There are other that think this is a bad idea, take for example former High Court judge Michael Kirby voicing his concern of it being just the “Thin edge of the wedge”

And lastly a Labor Party minister herself, Penny Sharpe. Who has in Parlament voiced her opinion that her colleague is taking Australia into a dark future and urged the Parlament to “consider taking a different direction”

To both Michael Kirby and Penny Sharpe, I am glad to award you both the DoF’s first Freedom Fighter Award.


Cry Freedom


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