Thoughts of being left for dead

The zombies are thirsting for blood. The streets are teaming with them, thousands of the vile creatures, filling elevators, shambling down streets, milling aimlessly, clogging freeways, stinking up lounge rooms while they watch TV, sitting at computer screens with their hands twitching on the mouse with unblinking eyes and their thoughtless minds riddled with images of killing. BRAIIINSSSSS.

Or maybe there are just thousands of ordinary average Australians very peeved at Mr Michael Atkinson. Just another person in power that is imposing his own set of values upon every adult Australian citizen. Take a deep breath…anyone smell something…yeeeees that’s it…the sweet smell of POWER. Oh the aroma!

But doesn’t it STINK for everyone else.

Yes, most of you by now would guess I am talking about the ban on Left for Dead 2

Though I must say that under my own moral code (yes I do have one), I would not let any minor under the age of 15 see me play this game…except that I would like to state one thing, Mr Atkinson, I AM NO MINOR, and furthermore I would LIKE to play L4D2…but only when my kids are not around to see me beheading, dismembering and blowing up already the dead but very mobile corpses. See, I AM capable of making adult decisions by myself! And I would like to point out, SO ARE MILLIONS OF OTHER AUSTRALIANS.

Now as a mature adult I am sure that I and thousands of other Australians know the difference between shooting dead things in a game and shooting REAL LIVE PEOPLE!

Now why would I shoot dead people in a game? Because it’s FUN! You should try it sometime Mr Atkinson. Starts with F, ends with N has a U in the middle. Oh that’s right, your an OLD politician, I’m not sure FUN is in your vocabulary anymore. Well we don’t do the FUN like you used to do in your time, Mr Atkinson, we don’t roll hoops down streets using a stick as a guide, no horsey’s made of wood, no slingshots, no fireworks,  nope we can’t even run around like mad nuts under sprinklers anymore…that’s illegal too.

But getting back to it, banning these games won’t stop people from shooting other people in real life, I really wish it would, but it wont. The violence in the streets are not caused by geeks sitting behind computer screens mashing their keyboards and mouses in a frenzy of zombie blazing glory. The violence is caused by drunk assholes tanked up on beer at 4am in the morning wanting to show how manly they are in front of their half-wit friends by glassing some poor sod, or by a group of cowardly bastards that jump some bloke that doesn’t stand a chance of defending himself.

Furthermore will banning these games stop the silent type killer that keeps to himself and hordes guns for the day he finally snap and go on a bloody rampage through usually quiet streets, sleepy towns or universities? I don’t think so Mr Atkinson.

You have to ask yourself, would a game make someone do these things or are they already one sandwich short of a picnic? My guess is people like that are missing a few more sandwiches than just one.

So…this is an attempt to stop those already a bit fragile from going off the rails. Too bad for the rest of us normals who can keep games and reality separate but are still punished for the wrongdoings of the extreme minority, niiice, except this is a bit like punishing the class for something one student did but won’t own up to.  Err, Mr Atkinson please…when we’re going to graduate?

Anyway, back to the man trying to save us from ourselves.

One man.

This man, this single entity, considers his values more important than mine or your freedom to decide as a mature adult what we can and can’t play, and has the power and audacity to enforce this opinion on EVERYONE in Australia.

Considering the amount of people that he is opposing, a total of 92.95%  in favor of making L4D2 available according to a poll posted here, which had a lot more votes until for some inexplicable reason the poll got RESET.  But don’t take my word for it, also saw that it was 92.95% against Atkinson before its plug was pulled (insert twilight zone music).

All this opposition to the decision or Refusing Classification for L4D2….and yet movies are passed with the description of…


Butt fu…ah okaay, pussy squarrr hmmm on second thought, if you want to read the description click on the link above and go read it. Oh but you say they are different media! Yes but you still wouldn’t want an under 18yr old seeing it and yet anyone 18+ can still watch it, even in front of their kids if they so morally depraved!

Really though for me it’s not whether or not I am allowed to play a game. It’s having the freedom of choice taken away from me with the attitude that I’m not old enough to play L4D2 or any game that has been refused classification. Don’t get me wrong, I agree there needs to be a limit. Games like Rapelay, which even the Japanese Government has admitted that the creators have just gone too far and have banned it! Yet another of my freedoms killed by the bloody fist of a bureaucrat.

And so, Mr Atkinson, for your severing of the head of Freedom, I would like to present this to you…

Freedom Killer Award


Cry Freedom


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