The Mind of an Internet Villain

I have to wonder what goes on in the mind of the insidious Mr Conroy when he finds out he has the somewhat dubious honor of winning the UK Internet Industries Villain Award.

It can hardly be flattering. Especially seeing it is his own mother country (he moved out here when he was ten) that has labeled him an Internet Villain.

Does he take a deep breath? Possibly imagine himself in a tight fitting blue suit and matching red underwear and imagine himself saving mankind from themselves.

Maybe due to his Catholic upbringing it is his duty to save us from ourselves in such a dictatorial manner, but if that was the case, whatever happened with the separation of church from state?

Does he laugh and ignore the issue thinking it will go away? Probably.

Well I would bestow upon him my own award.  So Mr Conroy,  for your blatant thrusts into the guts of freedom, this is for you.



Cry Freedom


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