A turn for the worse.

“They say they’re fed up with restrictions imposed when (insert name) took power.”

“We want freedom of speech. When a professor expresses an opinion he shouldn’t be afraid of sanctioned, when a journalist writes, he shouldn’t be afraid of going to prison.”

This could be what the people of Australia could be protesting about, but it’s not. This is a quote from an Iranian news feed.

Unfortunately I can see this situation being our issue here. It seems the world is being suppressed, that there is a mad scramble to control what people do and think. if not from religious groups, then from the government which supposedly serves the people.

I feel dark days coming and I want to stop it. I don’t believe in anarchy as this system is self defeating. But I also don’t believe in a system that demands control.

To quote V – “People should not fear their Government’s. Governments should fear the people.”


Cry Freedom.


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