Our Friend Mr Conroy.

Ah it seems he has even more surprises up his sleeve.

A spokesman for Senator Stephen Conroy said the ISP policy was just seeking to enforce current laws agreed by states and territories.

“The states and territories have not agreed to introduce an R18+ rating for computer games so, under existing laws, any game that exceeds an MA15+ rating is considered ‘Refused Classification’,” the spokesman said.

“The Government is interested in filtering RC material as identified by the Australian Communications and Media Authority complaints process.”

Well that will cover quite a few online games.

WoW, Guildwars, Quake Wars, Silk Road Online, Entropia Universe the list goes on.

Let me re-quote that…

“under existing laws, any game that exceeds an MA15+ rating is considered ‘Refused Classification”

So any game that has a policy of +15 or over will be black listed, blocked, banned.

Anything that the ACMA considers too violent, too risque or too close to gambling will be…gone.

Talk about control freaks. When did my age suddenly revert and return me to my pre-teens? That as an adult I am no longer allowed to play the games I once enjoyed because the Government decided that I wasn’t MATURE enough to play them anymore!

Like WHAT?!

Do we REALLY need to be sheltered from the world that much that we can no longer enjoy an online game that may be a bit violent or show a little lingerie style clothing?

Have we suddenly turned the clocks back where it was unseemly for a lady to show a little leg? Are we now going to have to swim in anke to neck swimmers?


Who put this dictator into power that he will so control our lives.

Who put this modern day Hitler in control of OUR digital resource?

Oh my…

The horror…

It was…



Cry Freedom

Source: http://www.news.com.au/

Adolf Conroy
Adolf Conroy


Cry Freedom


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