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For those in Melbourne, the Facebook group Stop the Filter has been organized enough to actually state a location on where the Melbourne protest is to be held. All the rest are sadly…TBA.

ATTEND! ATTEND! All ye who rebel against the tyranny of Conroy!


What’s in a Mask?

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Although I use the Guy Fawks/V for Vendetta mask as my profile picture and remain anonymous, I am not a part of the Anonymous group. I beleive that the symbol represents the fight for freedom and resistance against oppression. The strength of a minority that can awaken the many from their sleep. And aslee…p I beleive the many are. I have to beleive that for I refuse to beleive that the populace of Australia would willingly give away their freedom.

Awaken Australia, do not accept these shackles.

Cry Freedom

The delusional never consider that they are delusional,

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Hon Michael Atkinson – “I assume the Gamers4Croydon campaign will involve criminal activities and dirty tricks, which is what I’ve come to expect from gamers,”

You heard it, the Hon Michael Atkinson believes that all gamers are involved in some sort of criminal activity. Let me cut this down. He believes all Gamers are criminals.

Furthermore, he also believes Gamers are not Civil – shows you how high and mighty
he considers himself. To him, we are all a bunch of savages.

Interesting point of view, but these statements definitely shows his opinion that we are some kind of lesser sub-species and that the Hon Mr Atkinson has a superiority complex.

I believe he has some deep emotional issues of which he should go see a psychiatrist.

Cry Freedom

Remember remember the…umm, 6th of March?

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“But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me…”

And be seen on the Saturday 6th of March.

Then show your support by downloading and distributing these.


Cry Freedom

EFA’s petition and another steps up…

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Electronic Frontiers Australia has launched an ePetition to the Senate to stop Mr Conroys plan to filter our internet, sign it already!

And on the same subject, Lawyer, lecturer, blogger and geek (his words not mine) Peter Black has accepted the appointment from EFA as their new campaign manager against internet filtering.

This position is only for three months and will hopefully bring more cohesiveness to the various campaigns against the filter that is scattered around the net.

So without further ado, and for donning the shiny armor I present Peter Black with DoF’s Freedom Fighter Award.

Honorable mention is Senator Kate Lundy due to her speaking out against the proposed internet filter but is unfortunately not bestowed the Freedom Fighter Award due to her wussing out and stating she would support an opt-out plan. FAIL.

Kate, if you don the armor, great. But don’t walk out on the battlefield with a pool noodle *slaps forehead*


Cry Freedom

Thin edge of the wedge

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I have pondered on this phrase that is currently being bandied about in reference to the censorship of our internet.

This is one of the questions in Whirlpool Forums 2009 Australian Broadband Survey (if you havn’t completed it you should) –

Also, what negative things do you think may result?
(leave blank if you don’t agree with any of these)
□ Reduce internet performance
□ Make the internet less reliable
Give parents a false sense of security
□ Increase the cost of internet access
□ May overblock / restrict access to legitimate information
A deployed system could be abused by future governments

The last question I have to say made me grin as much as my avatar does. What a pertinent question.

This foreboding has been echoed in a number of sites –

Crikey – ‘Do you trust politicians with such a mechanism?’

SMH – Retired High Court Justice Michael Kirby coined the phrase in relation to Conroys plans ‘it could stop the “Berlin Walls of the future” from being knocked down.’

Reporters Without Borders – Secretary-General Jean-François Julliard in an open letter to Rudd, all but saying “DON”T DO IT YOU IDIOTS!”

I will not think of the movie 1984, I will not think of…awww nuts!


Cry Freedom


Mr Conroys vision of our internet.

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The other day I did a little experiment with Google Images search.

The first search I did was in for  ‘tiananmen square protest’ and as expected, images of a lone man standing in front or army tanks, and images of the massacre of Chinese civilians by it’s own Government were in the results.

Except do the same search in for ‘tiananmen square protest’ and the story shown through in a different light. A filtered light that does not show any protests, nor images of massacred civilians, no tanks with a man in front of them.

There is where Mr Conroy vision of the internet. Our internet. Our freedom of speech. Painted over by pictures parades and the pretty Beijing Olympics…oh but wait…do my eyes deceive me? Yes it seems currently the first result is of People’s Liberation Army (interesting name for a battalions about to crush the will of the people) tanks moving towards Chinese civilians protesting in Tiananmen  Square. For interest sake I have linked to an artical in wikipedia detailing what lengths a Government will go to to…ummm keep the peace. Please read it. I will leave you a picture of a Government trying to erase history.


Cry Freedom